My wonderful friend Leapachesskey recently started DMing a game of D&D set in The Valley, a custom setting developed by him and some friends, in which all the characters are Smallfolk - sentient animal creatures akin to real-world species like mice, frogs, beetles, snails, and more.

As soon as he started talking about it, I knew two things for sure: 1) I definitely needed in, and 2) I wanted to play an otter!

The gang who designed the Smallfolk setting hadn’t already designed an otter race, so I got their permission and wrote one. I did a little research on otter behavior and mannerisms, using those facts to inform basic personality guidelines, common social structures for their communities, as well as the traits, bonuses, and abilities conferred to a player character.

Meet Rivertails! They’re a more playful, less serious lot by nature (although, like any race, you’ll find exceptions), and their culture often revolves around the joys of play. As the ancient Rivertail saying goes: “No amount of work is too much effort to protect the freedom to play.”

Anyone who gets a chance to play a Smallfolk game is invited to play a Rivertail character and expand the lore, history, and culture of these wonderful friends however you see fit. Want to collaborate on something? Just let me know!