Hi! I’m Andrew. I tend to go by Kaldrenon on the internet - it’s a name I originally made up for an RPG character in 8th grade or so, and I really like it, so it stuck. Odds are pretty good that if you see the username Kaldrenon, it’s me!

I do a lot of things, but some especially often. For example: I’m a web developer by day, a gamer by night, and a D&D enthusiast by the grace of God. I love Jesus a lot, I love you a lot too, and you will often find me expressing ideas to that effect over on the Tweetums.

This is my personal website. That means none of the content here is intended to reflect the opinions, positions, values, or policies of any employer or any other organization or person I may be affiliated with. If you like them and don’t like me, take it out on me, not them.