Kingdom Builders

I’ve been working on something for a little while now that I’m really excited about, and even though I haven’t been blogging actively for just over a year, I want to write a post about it here.

It’s called Kingdom Builders, and it’s a Slack organization for Christians who love technology and want to use their tech skills to solve real-world problems and grow the Kingdom of God.

Today is launch day. I’ve been working on the info site in my spare time for the past two weeks, and now I have enough of a foundation that I felt it was time to start getting the word out and bringing people together. At the time that I’m typing this, we have 5 people registered including me, so this really is ground zero, but I’m excited anyway!

Here’s the Kingdom Builders Vision Statement:

Serving and growing the Kingdom of God with every tool, skill, and opportunity available to us.

I love that there are people out there who want to serve God with their technical skills, the things they worked hard to study and master, the things that drive them. I believe firmly that we’ll serve our Creator a hundred times more powerfully if we build a global community, and that belief was the spark that became Kingdom Builders.

Screenshot 2015-06-29 14.47.38


One thought on “Kingdom Builders

  1. Today I had exact same idea to do what you have done (Slack + invitation form + blog), and how happy I was to discover it already exists!
    Filled out the form, waiting for the invitation.

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