I’m working on a bunch of cool things right now, and I want to write about them. I’ve always found that when I sit down to write my ideas out, good things happen. It changes my thought flow, it changes my perception; often, by writing about something I’m working on or something that I’ve learned, I learn even more and make even more progress through doing it.

As I write this, the blog is set to private, because I’d like to go public only after I have at least some body of work written, and a general sense of direction for the content. Why do I need a sense of direction? Because for many potential readers, the content I’m interested in writing about is very diverse, and there’s probably a very small number of people who are interested in reading about all the topics I have in my head.

Possible content includes:

  • Web tech (frontend, backend, dev tools, vim, Ruby, Rails)
  • Faith (theology, missions, church)
  • Communication (social media, technology, church communication)
  • Games (video, board, and mind)
  • Fitness (I’m bad at this, and I’ve contemplated writing about it as a way to drive myself)

I don’t know many people who have equal interest in all of those topics, so it might be strange to host all the content in a single blog. But since I’m currently writing this post as a brainstorming session for a blog I’m about to start, I think I can afford to leave the question open for a little while longer.


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